Leverage your sales channels.

If you sell through channels, we are aware of the challenges you face every day. Do you want to sell more? Increase sales frequency and distribution? Do you want to boost cross-selling and up-selling activities on your channels? Do you want to improve your return on investment? Check out our solutions for channel management, development, engagement, and retention.

Increase your sales to B2B buyers.

Generate more opportunities, accelerate your sales cycle and increase your conversion rate. We help you navigate through all phases of a B2B sale cycle, from lead generation to conversion, by creating marketing campaigns that engage decision makers, and by managing sales teams that can effectively move forward in the cycle and close sales.

Sales and Marketing together at last.

At Sales Impact! we care about generating leads and results. We provide all marketing and sales competences in a one-stop-shop, adding value to our clients, from planning to execution. We solve your problem – from end to end.