We are
a B2B sales

We generate demand,
Inside Sales and Digital Growth skills.

Inside Sales

Strong experience in selling complex solutions, validated by demanding customers and market leaders.

We only deliver qualified leads, with proven need and purchase potential.

Variable compensation based on leads generated and approved by you.

Digital Growth

We are not a marketing agency. We are a B2B sales accelerator.

Our focus is not just on generating more leads, but good leads, with the CPL you need.

We work on performance and growth with agile methodology and focus on conversion.

Sales Incentive

Customized incentive programs to motivate your sales force.

Full delivery: planning, creation, communication, management, and catalog of awards.

Solutions for motivation and recognition, for indirect channels or direct sales force.

Sales Impact was created for
those who believe in the power of growth.
We generate leads for your business to grow
and for you to grow along with it.
Discover our experience
Do you want real leads?

We have a team of experts of more than 80 people
to help you grow!

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