A company prepared for a new era of sales, totally results oriented.

We are Sales Impact!

Sales Impact! is a sales and marketing company connected to a new world, where buyers are better informed and more demanding, and where decision makers want more than products and services, they demand results. Sales is increasingly becoming a science, with processes based on technology and data intelligence to help achieve greater efficiency and return on investment, and with less room for improvisation.

The world requires a new sales approach and a fresh outlook on marketing, in order to optimize the customer experience and the cost per sale. Aligning sales and marketing in each stage of the buying process has become crucial. Smaller clients require shelf solutions, sold through lower cost channels (online or over the phone, for example). At the other end, large clients require consulting services and custom solutions, with a one-to-one service provided by a highly specialized sales force. And between them, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses that demand the best of both worlds: a consultative approach, minimally customized solutions, at a low cost.

This reality entails huge complexity and creates a great challenge for sales and marketing organizations. Large businesses and their channels have just started to identify, understand, and face these challenges. But the solution is not that simple. Channels lack resources (financial, human, and marketing) to enable this transition, while large companies lack the agility and organizational flexibility to do it at the speed required.

Sales Impact! was created to help major brands and their channels address these challenges.

Through our demand generation solutions, we help channels generate leads and convert them by providing know-how and specialized human resources. For large businesses, we support sales and marketing organizations (which are increasingly leaner), by creating and managing processes that quickly boost demand generation initiatives and conversion rates.

Through our management solutions for distribution channels, we help leading brands develop, empower, manage, and impact their channel ecosystem by enabling them to be better prepared to communicate their value proposition and increase their sales volume, frequency and distribution capacity.


Welcome to this new world. You are not alone. Sales Impact! is ready for it.