Complete solutions to increase your B2B sales. From lead generation to sale closing.

Demand Generation

Selling B2B requires know-how and expertise. A unique way of generating and converting leads.

In order to reach and engage the (increasingly busier) decision-makers, big brands and their channels rely on Sales Impact! to create campaigns that generate real leads and put their sales forces in contact with qualified decision-makers.

Our team is specialized in B2B marketing and delivers end-to-end campaigns that drive results because we invest time and provide know-how at every stage of the campaign: understanding the goals, identifying the targets, building “personas”, selecting databases, defining the media, generating content, designing communication assets, implementing activities, and measuring results.

Our solutions, however, go far beyond lead generation. Large enterprises that want to sell more for small and medium-sized businesses need a proven solution to extend the reach of their sales force. They need to scale up their lead qualification activities, improve their process for leveraging opportunities, and raise their conversion rate – without increasing their overhead.

Our trained and dedicated Inside Sales and Field Sales teams supported by our CRM and sales methodology, allow big brands to increase the sales reach needed to succeed in the SMB segment.

If you need to generate more leads and want to sell more for small and medium size businesses, find out more about Sales Impact! solutions.




We plan each step of a B2B sale, from lead generation to the closing of the sale – always having the best ROI in mind.

Extended Sales Force

Our Field Sales and Inside Sales teams generate leads, accelerate key opportunities, and close deals.

Digital Marketing

We combine art and science to create a digital experience that generates leads by integrating technology, design, and strategy.

Direct Marketing

We put our sales force in direct contact with your prospects by creating targeted, high-impact campaigns that drive responses.


Nothing can replace the power of a handshake and eye contact. For high-figure sales, we set up events that generate results.

Data Intelligence

We integrate and analyze data to support marketing and sales decision-making to maximize your investment.